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Looking for a rewarding opportunity?

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Passionate about your Jewish heritage?

Looking for a resume builder that also builds character?

Do you want to share your knowledge and wisdom with the next generation?

Looking for Nice Jewish Teachers.

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Make Bubbe proud...and you can STILL be a doctor

Transform your downtime into meaningful time.

Whether you’re a college student seeking work experience or a stay-at-home parent looking for a good side hustle with flexible hours…or a retiree who wants to give back to the next generation, The Learning Collective needs you…and so do our kids.

Introducing The Learning Collective: A Jewish Teacher Residency


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The Learning Collective is an initiative exclusively in Broward and North Palm Beach County. The program enables adults seeking flexibility and purpose with the opportunity to teach, part-time, in Broward and North Palm Beach County Florida synagogue religious schools.

This program requires six online training sessions, once you are hired- contingent on each school’s policies. You can become a part-time teacher and make a difference in the lives of children.

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Opportunities in North Palm Beach

Boynton Beach, Wellington, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Stuart.

Robyn Hurvitz,

Frequently Asked Questions


How many weeks a year will I be teaching?
The school year includes between 25-30 weeks.

Do I get vacation time?
We follow the county public school calendar. Breaks and vacation time are factored into the annual contract.

What is the teaching schedule?
The schedule slightly varies from school to school, however, generally the teaching schedule is from 4:30 – 6:00 p.m. on a Tuesday; and 9:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

How long is the training?
The training includes six, two-hour online sessions.


How much will I earn teaching at Religious School?
We offer a competitive range of salaries based on an individual’s background, skills, credentials, and experience.

I don’t know Hebrew. Is that ok?
Absolutely! Typically, teachers are hired based on subject matter or an individual’s expertise. If you don’t speak Hebrew, we will find a class that’s right for you.

I have experience teaching, but I don’t have a lot of Judaic knowledge. Should I still apply?
You are the perfect candidate if you want to learn. As an experienced teacher, your skills in the classroom will carry you through. School directors will supply you with the curriculum and resources.

I know a lot about Judaism, but I’ve never taught before. Am I a good fit?
Yes! If you want to share your knowledge of Judaism with children of all ages then you are a great fit! School directors will mentor you while providing you with classroom management tools and teaching strategies.

Do I need to return the stipend if I complete the training but ultimately decide that I do not want to teach?
No, no need to return the stipend. We encourage you to rethink and consider teaching another time.


Where will I be teaching?
We will match you with a synagogue or school that works best for you and your location.

Is there a hybrid option?
A hybrid option will be school dependent. It is best to be in communication with the school director if this is a requirement for you.

What grade levels will I be teaching?
This depends on the needs of the school, availability and what age group you are most comfortable teaching. Open communication with the school director is essential, let them know your preferences.

Is a teacher certification required?
No, a teacher certification is not needed, however, our paid online training sessions are required.

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